Condo Bylaw Enforcement

An unanwsered question at the recent Ventana Woods AGM is why did the board spend 17K on enforcement of the bylaws in respect to one unit owner. The board of a condominium corporation does not have discretion when it comes to enforcing bylaws. The board is legally required to enforce the bylaws. There is an… Continue reading Condo Bylaw Enforcement

Evolution of thought

The recent Ventana Woods AGM is over and I have a disappointment. The Board was peppered with questions that it wasn’t given a chance to respond to. Probably just as well. There wasn’t enough time. Due to the high level of emotion, there wasn’t anyone that was going to change their position anyway. The question… Continue reading Evolution of thought

Governance 101

“Board governance is the framework that structures the board and how it operates. At its core, board governance includes the boards responsibilities and organisational well-being.” The Ventana Woods Board’s code of ethics covers many of the basics.  Honesty and Good Faith.  Conflict of Interest.  Confidentiality. Good Conduct, Support and Defamation. Having served on many boards… Continue reading Governance 101

What is a Condominium

What is a Condominium? A condominium is shared property ownership.  We have full ownership of the condominium unit and a share in the corporation that owns the Common Property.  In the case of Ventana Woods we own the unit walls inward.  The rest of the entire parcel is Common Property including Decks & Driveways.  Common… Continue reading What is a Condominium