One of the biggest frustrations of the 2021 AGM was that the old board wasn’t given a chance to respond to every statement made. This includes the current financials.  Statements were made that the new board will be putting financials in order.  This from a group that was unable to ask a single question during… Continue reading Financials

Reserve Fund

THE RESERVE FUND It is a legal requirement of all condominium corporations to establish and maintain a reserve fund.  The reserve fund sets aside money for non-routine repairs and replacements of property of the corporation.  Everything outside of our units including windows, doors, attics, roof, siding, decks, drives, railings, roadways, and landscaping is common property… Continue reading Reserve Fund

Rental Owners

Ventana Woods Rentals The Condominium Property Act (CPA) governs Condominiums in Alberta.  The CPA protects an owner’s right to rent their unit.  The CPA does put obligations on owners who want to rent their unit.  They must notify the corporation that they intend to rent out their unit.  They must provide an address where they… Continue reading Rental Owners